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I feel like a vegetable right now, after a mentally quite tiring shift. Calls and alarms just kept on coming in, requiring attention, handling and closer inspection. Combined with the increased workload, we usually also have more people in the field to dispatch to those alarms, and while that may be good in itself, it also increases the workload as they need to dispatched, followed up and feedback received from them.

All of that results in a stream of phones ringing, beeps, calls and radio chatter - a stream that never ends, it merely slows down at times. When in a timespan of less then 30 minutes three additional situations requiring immediate attention were thrown into the mix, I may have yelled for a minute or two as I struggled to resolve one incident when the next one occurred. I've been at this job for 3 years now, and I've learned that it pays off to remain calm, but it's not always that easy. At the end of my shift, the three incidents were resolved, reports were filed and my colleague that took over was handed a clean - though filled to the brim - slate.

Right now I'm laying on my couch, and I'm going to pop in another Green Wing DVD and catch episode 4 of the second season. Too bad the sexy and every lovely Sarah Alexander left for Canada at the end of episode 3, I wouldn't mind seeing more of her.

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