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About two weeks ago I was at work and one of the colleagues had brought some fruit to make a salad. As he'd worked in a kitchen as a sous-chef before he joined us, he's full of tricks and knowledge about food that I just don't possess. It's so interesting to see him prepare things, and to hear him explain as he goes along. One thing that grasped my attention this time, was how he cuts his oranges. I usually just peel off the skin and eat it - though I admit that wouldn't make it part of a fruit salad - but he took a different approach to go from a full fledged orange with skin to yummy orange pieces in under a couple of minutes. And without too much of a mess!

Today after I got up - too early if you ask me - I was looking for something to drink and noticed I had no liquids at all in the fridge. As I bought a bunch of fruit and veggies yesterday, the solution appeared before my eyes : squeeze a couple of oranges and have some fresh juice.

Instead I grabbed two oranges, my sharpest knife - which after all didn't turn to be that sharp at all - and I started cutting at it using the techniques I had previously visually stolen. To my surprise, I ended up with nice fresh orange parts without skin and I even managed not to chop off my fingers. Yay!

More about oranges is to be found here : All About Oranges.

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