Clowns, Whistlers, Those In Charge (Part 1)


Thanks for the comment on the previous post, Nadia, glad to see that at least someone is wondering what is happening. Your comment about lycanthropes and wolves was pretty interesting, though you referred to the role and position of the Alpha Dog in relation to the pack itself, whereas I was more interested to see how the pack would react towards to the killer of their Alpha Dog.

As you probably realize, we are not a pack of wolves - though we can become one when the situation calls for it - and while there are a couple of options to replace the Alpha Dog (one of them being one of the pack becoming the new leader) I think we are not yet at that point in time, though it is probably not that far away.

OK, enough vagueness and crap now. Let's take this to meatspace :

Five teams, all of them lead by their own chief. I'm not going to call names here, as that would lead to no extra information for readers that don't work the same site as I do, yet could lead to trouble up ahead. Instead I'll all give them a nickname. The team of which I'm a part has been lead by The Clown up to two days ago. Then we also have a team lead by The Tongue, another one is lead by Middle of the Road, one is lead by The Whistler and finally the fifth team is being lead by Jarhead.

The Clown didn't steal his name : Young, often a bit stubborn and overenthusiastic he had run into trouble with Those In Charge several times before. Every time he pulled through and was granted immunity for his actions. While they may have been foolish or not well thought through, they never were malicious nor wrong. He knew his job very well, loved it, but refused to take it al that serious at times. There is a time of work and a time to play, and in our team those often coincided. We tried to take everything in jest, while still performing above par, and we usually had tons of fun doing it. Those In Charge often took offense when we joked and laughed in tense situations, but exactly that attitude kept us going and relaxed.

The Clown however, was getting fed up with the constant bickering and petty remarks and had been looking for another job for a while. He was even asked by a different department within our clients company to come work for them. Knowing this could lead to trouble, The Clown decided to only tell a few close people - basically his own team - and one Big Shot of the company that employs us.

Wednesday evening I received a call from Those In Charge 2 that The Clown had been removed from our clients site and was not to be given access anymore. This would probably only be a temporary measure, for they wanted him to meet with Big Shot. Apparently they didn't know that The Clown and Big Shot had already talked that afternoon and had set up a day and time to meet next week.They didn't know, or didn't care... who'll ever know?

I talked to The Clown later that evening and got a different story from him. He also had gotten a call from Those In Charge 2, but towards him they played it a lot more serious. When The Clown called Those In Charge 1 and asked for an explanation and some extra information he got the answer "I can't tell you that, blah blah blah" after which Those In Charge 1 turned the subject onto something else. The Clown replied by calling Those In Charge 1 "vijg" and hanging up the phone to get in touch with Those In Charge 2.

So far the story goes for now. There is more to it, but that'll have to go into another entry.


Don't wait to long with part 2; I'm already curious... Feels like an exciting story... but probably also delicate and not easy to solve...

Just to let you know that I'm following the story as well.

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