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I just got back from the vet where I got a new bag of food for Tai. Last time I picked up chicken flavor, this time it's Ocean Fish, and going by his reaction he loves it. The minute I had filled up his bowl and put it down, he started eating, and afterwards - full of energy - he wanted to play.

My building skills in SL are increasing as I spent some hours yesterday completing the pond on the first rental lot, and I had put in the basics of the swimming pool on the second one. Today I finished most of that, though I still have to figure out a way around some terrain limitations that I ran into. I think creating some kind of stairs in the corner will be the best option, covering the land underneath and providing easy access. Alternatively, I can create a small section where plants and such grow, sort of a pond inside a pool. I'm not sure that will work, but once my creations are completed, I'll post some pictures here.

For the SL'ers that are interested to come check out the rentals in their current - unfinished - state, use these SLURL's : Vibrant Group Rentals - Lot 1 and Vibrant Group Rentals - Lot 2.

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