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As the plot intensifies, I've decided to stop using nicknames when referring to parties involved, or colleagues I've talked with. Instead I'll use nothing but a single letter or combination of letters to refer to people. It has become quite clear that the game played is one with very high stakes, and today new crucial details have surfaced. Details that will have an impact for sure, but I am unaware what impact. One thing remains the same though : some people are struggling hard to hold on to their position, move up, or avoid termination.

I talked to P. today and got a very strong feeling of general unpleasantness. Not so much towards me or most of the other colleagues, but rather towards Those In Charge. I also had a 45 minute talk with PDL and we seem to think along the same lines.

Sorry for being even more vague as before, but when "monitoring" of certain network traffic rears it's ugly head, I would be totally naive to assume no one is (closely) reading this blog. I will not post on this topic till it all comes to a close, or I am in such a position where I nor others can be hurt by my posts.


can i allready order the complete booklet on this soap ?

that's a good idea, Joco.
so should Servme in the end decide to quit this job, he can write a script and sell it to VRT or VTM ;-)
success assured!

This sounds more complicated than trying to understand Shakespeare, or quantum physics!

Quantum Physics always scare me, and Shakespeare is not really my thing. I like complicated if I have my say in it, and thus partially control the level of complexity, yet I hate complexity if I'm a bystander or have no influence or part in it. How's that for simplicity, Ash?

A script. I don't think I've got the experience nor drive or skills to write anything down apart from some vague blog posts, Nadia. I'll stick to what I do best for now :)

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