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After it being quite a tense and stressful day - see my earlier entry - I just received some even more unsettling news, that was rather unexpected. How it will affect everyone in the team remains to be seen, as it is quite unclear what the implications are on mid and long term, but it will definitely have a major impact.

I've decided not to inform my team mates yet as there is little hard info I can relay to them, and I'd rather do this in person opposed to by phone. While I'm not pleased with the current situation, I hope it can all change for the better in the long run because I "know" that we are a solid team that works as one and tackles difficulties in unity.

A few hypothetical questions :

- How does the pack react, when one shoots at the alpha dog?
- How does the pack react, when one kills the alpha dog?

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Regarding your hypothetical questions, I could give you an answer based upon what I've read in books that had a lycanthrope community in it. The author had set that community up indeed as "regular" wolves would do, with a pack and alpha werewolves etc
Unfortunately, in the books the "wolves" were always battling for power and it was actually quite dangerous to be the Alpha since you would always have to battle to the death.
Anyway, I'm rambling and your questions were hypothetical so let's just say I am curious as to what news you have and this is my way of showing haha

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