Trouble in paradise

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Ok, my place maybe doesn't qualify to be titled paradise, but there's troubles nonetheless. As I woke up I heard an alarm sound and when I check it turned out to be the CPU was overheating again. Sure, it's hot outside too, but it's only the end of April, what'll happen when we hit mid summer?

I shut the machine down, grabbed a screwdriver and took off the other side cover as well - it had been running fine for the past months with just one side opened - to give it more air. Next the vacuum came out to remove as much dust from the heat spreaders and fans as I could. It runs again now, but at a 64°C CPU temperature already and it's been on for less than 5 minutes. Not good, I tell you.

All fans seem to be operating normally, so I've got no clue what is causing the issues. Last time it was the power unit fan that failed, thus sending massive amounts of heat into the case. This doesn't appear to be the cause today. Ah well... if you don't see me here again for a while, you just assume something got fried.

It could be that my computer is overheating due to playing this video - I know I am getting hot from watching it - too much. She's probably doesn't qualify as a "babe" for most people, but she definitely has that undefined "something" that tickles me. And before you all yell "pervert" - even though you'd be correct, a dirty mind is a joy forever - even if this video was much less explicit, she'd still have that something. So... you're warned : some call this explicit, or NSFW... I call it a feast for the eye : Strip.

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