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Trouble in paradise

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Ok, my place maybe doesn't qualify to be titled paradise, but there's troubles nonetheless. As I woke up I heard an alarm sound and when I check it turned out to be the CPU was overheating again. Sure, it's hot outside too, but it's only the end of April, what'll happen when we hit mid summer?

I shut the machine down, grabbed a screwdriver and took off the other side cover as well - it had been running fine for the past months with just one side opened - to give it more air. Next the vacuum came out to remove as much dust from the heat spreaders and fans as I could. It runs again now, but at a 64°C CPU temperature already and it's been on for less than 5 minutes. Not good, I tell you.

All fans seem to be operating normally, so I've got no clue what is causing the issues. Last time it was the power unit fan that failed, thus sending massive amounts of heat into the case. This doesn't appear to be the cause today. Ah well... if you don't see me here again for a while, you just assume something got fried.

It could be that my computer is overheating due to playing this video - I know I am getting hot from watching it - too much. She's probably doesn't qualify as a "babe" for most people, but she definitely has that undefined "something" that tickles me. And before you all yell "pervert" - even though you'd be correct, a dirty mind is a joy forever - even if this video was much less explicit, she'd still have that something. So... you're warned : some call this explicit, or NSFW... I call it a feast for the eye : Strip.

Pennies, or big bucks?

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Long time ago - I believe it's been a year and a half, which qualifies as prehistoric in internet time - I stumbled upon Linkworth. The company brings advertisers and publishers together to create a win-win situation: The publisher receives a monetary reward for their time and effort - they're paid - and the advertiser builds links and referrals to their website. The Linkworth company benefits from a percentage of the deal they receive for bringing the two parties involved together.

Sure, you probably wonder, but what's the answer to the "Pennies or big bucks?" question? Do you make money online by participating in this text link advertising business? Well, I just looked up my reports since December 2005 and while I'll not give you an exact, the total amounts to a figure I'd describe as "definitely more as pennies but not big bucks just yet". Once I make more than a months pay in my regular job extra a year, I'd call it big bucks. Other partners' mileage may vary and no doubt are there some who make very good income working with LW.

Linkworth may be less visible as a company than some of the competitors that recently appeared on the market, but they are a solid and trustworthy company that just "is". I don't need the companies I deal with to be vibrant, excessive or in your face - I need them to be knowledgeable, solid, and provide good support. Linkworth is all that and more. Go check it out for yourself : www.linkworth.com.


Don't Cha

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I think this may be the song I was looking for earlier, but the more I hear it, the less convinced I am.

Anyway, I spent some time in meatspace again today, since my virtual world is down for maintenance. Don't be fooled, I still spend much more time in Real Life as opposed to Second Life, though there are days, I admit... As I stepped outside on the balcony to give Tai what he wanted, I remembered a colleague stating yesterday that it hadn't rained for days. Sure enough, I look at the few plants that I have outside and they look - erm - dead? Nah, just bad, not dead. I watered them down good, in fact so much the neighbor below peeked up to see where all the water was coming from. Oops! The plants can drink now and survive :)

And, because there is no such thing as "too much disco" :

Can there be too much Paris Hilton?

I was actually looking for one song that really stuck in my mind, unfortunately I don't know the title nor the artist. Only word I remember from the lyrics is "delicious". I tried looking up the playlist for the station I heard it on, but nothing there sounds like it. If I find it, you can be sure I'll post...


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Has it really been 4 days since the last time I added an entry here? I can hardly imagine... So, you probably wonder what has been going on in that time. If only I knew. I do recall spending too much time at work, not enough sleep, a fun night out with the colleagues on sunday and too much hours of "game time/work" in Second Life. I've taken on a new job in SL, much more serious than anything I've ever done before in an online world. I've been studying procedures, CRM packages, you name it. In a virtual world you also have to network - or try and pick up the skills to do so - ane build your reputation and image. That being said, it doesn't differ from real life apart from the fact that I don't posses meat space networking skills. I hope the skills I develop through my virtual entity can benefit me elsewhere too.

Message to J&M : Tai often sleeps on the top level of his new toy. It gives him a good overview of his surroundings and he seems to like it a lot.

Bling Bling, you gotta Sin (City)

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What is the first thing you think about when someone mentions Las Vegas? I don't know about you, but the name of the city immediately rings these bells with me: Casino's, One Armed Bandits, Wedding Chapels and Siegfried and Roy. The fact that Vegas is situated in the state of Nevada is something I didn't knew I knew, as it was only until I looked up the wikipedia entry on Las Vegas and I went "Oh, yes... sure!".counttrackula

Sure there must be more to Vegas then the few things that pop into my mind, right? I vaguely recall that Celine Dion did a multi year show in Vegas, which is surprising. Not the fact that the show(s) lasted for several years, but the fact that I know it, as I don't really like Celine Dion :) Argh, the amount of totally useless information one gathers in the course of a lifetime!

Much more useful is the real estate Las Vegas website if you're looking to buy some real estate in the Vegas area. Richard Teausaw, Shawn Phillips and Eddie Stern (any relation to Howard Stern?) are the people you need to see. If I had the cash - and the desire to go live in the city that never sleeps - I'd certainly find a new palace to call home with them. Just be amazed when you browse their listings in the city of Las Vegas, and drool away when all the glitter blinds you. If you'd more interested in a quiet place for yourself, away from the big city yet close enough to pop into town when you need to, Boulder City (established for the builders of the Hoover Dam) sure seems nice! Lovely homes for sale there and the prices are much lower as well. Just see for yourself : Boulder City Homes and real estate. (This post is brought to you by MillionSaverHomes)


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I usually am against many of the extra "tools" that you can download from the internet and tie into your browser since the majority is either nothing but a front end for spyware, adware or pretty emoticons. The Alexa Toolbar is different though : created and supported by Alexa Web Search it offers me a quick view on some stats about the sites I visit, they offer related sites as well as who links to the site. Sure, it may only appeal to my inner geek, but maybe you'll like it too, who knows.

An IE version can be downloaded from Alexa Toolbar Download. Firefox has a plugin that you can find at SearchStatus : Firefox SEO Toolbar. Enjoy!

Music to my ears

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The days that only the major labels distributed music is gone forever. Sure enough, they may not like that evolution - why else would there be a thing such as the RIAA - but evolution can't be stopped. EMI for one is seriously considering offering music from their catalog without DRM annoyances. I can only guess at the effect this will have on the other labels, but even more on their profits. I don't see those profits crumble because they remove the "protection" (read strict limits) on the music they put out, well on the contrary. But enough about that for the time being...

Some artists, bands like being and staying independent or distribute themselves. Others sign up with Unsigned. In the New-Wave Artists category I found bands such as AquaCow from the USA (who are more Punk then New Wave if you ask me), autobahn_gb from the UK (New Wave/Electro), and HeroMAY (hip/hop, rap) from the States as well. Maybe Unsigned uses a bit too broad categories - or are too lenient on what goes where - but labels are overrated anyway and there are definitely interesting bands on the site.

I decided to check out the Electronica section coz that's more up my sleeve. 70171 brings gentle electro with a beat, enjoyable but not truly my piece of cake. 2kings from London, UK sounds more industrial/metal and Acid Void was another band I may look into deeper. They reminded me a lot about Velvet Acid Christ, and not only because they both have Acid in the band name. I think I'll spend more time in this category of music :)

And when I'm done with that, there's still the Drum n Bass section, Gothic, Techno and Industrial to browse through.counttrackula This post is brought to you by Unsigned.com.

Nice, very nice


I just finished a series of three night shifts and as I arrived home and got out of the car, the day was breaking, the birds were happily - or so I assume - whistling their songs. Life can be beautiful :)

Oh, in case you didn't know yet, I've got another nest of Blue Tits this year. I've seen the parents flying in and out for the past two weeks, and I'll see if I can manage a quick sneak into the nesting cage to see if there are eggs yet and if so, how many. This is the third year I've got a couple of Blue Tits nesting here, and I'm very pleased with the results.

Catching up

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I just started catching up on paperwork, bills, letters and everything that should have been filed long time ago. The bills were all paid on time, but the necessary administrative follow up just wasn't happening. After spending about 30 minutes looking for papers all over the place, I'm pretty much certain I've got most of it in order. I just have one small stack of 3 bills for which I miss a part - which is nothing but a small annoyance, since I know they've been paid - and the funny thing is that I know that I paid all of those at the same time and date, and stuffed the missing parts into the pocket of my coat.

However, three months later, they no longer are in that pocket, I think. Anyway, can't find them but they'll turn up sooner or later. Off to file all payments electronically now and then - time permitting - I'll grab all work related paperwork and file all that correctly too. I may even take most of it to work with me, so I can keep myself busy while the night progresses.

A true fried kitten...

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It was a physically tiring day at work, which results in me being... well, tired. Who'd have thought? :)

When I got home, I didn't find Kiwi's on the floor, but it was quite clear Tai tried to capture one again, as it has claw marks all over it. I don't mind him trying to capture kiwi's - it's still strange behaviour for a cat - but he also walked over the cooking section again. When I got home, I noticed the safety was off and when I checked some bread that had suddenly materialized on top of the plates, it turned out the plastic bag it was in had melted. One and one is two, so Tai managed to turn off the safety, turn on the plates, and fry a plastic bag. I could have come home from work to find a real fried kitten!

I don't know yet how to prevent him from jumping on top of the counter and cooking area, but it should be clear I have to find a workable solution asap. Either that, or increase my insurance policy considerably...

When I consulted a vet when I adopted Tai, she said he was a European Shorthair. I think she may be wrong, I'm quite convinced he's an Australian Vegetarian Tiger instead. How else do you explain him catching and chasing kiwi's through the house? I had put some kiwi's on the counter to let them ripen and I could understand him checking them out and throwing one to the ground while being a bit overly enthusiastic. But two? Nah... only the Australian Vegetarian Tiger does that :)

Too bad the rentawife.be site is nothing but advertising. It that kind of spoof site I could have come up with, or a service I could use. Sure, I admit it's quite disrespectful, but it could be so much fun at the same time ;-)

Connect the dots


Let's play a little game here. I give you all the ingredients for the recipe, you tell me which result is most accurate ;-)

tomatoes - paprika - blender - water - glass - blender top - splash - cucumber - grapefruit - knife - spatula - apple.

Using some - or all - of the ingredients, try to predict the outcome :

Option 1 : broken blender
Option 2 : messy kitchen
Option 3 : shower needed
Option 4 : all of the above
Option 5 : none of the above (come up with your own idea!)

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