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I don't like people being told what to do, how to behave or in generally be restrained. Sure enough, if you use the service(s) or servers of a third party provider, you are bound to play by their rules. I don't like rules, especially not if they are like this :

- we hold the copyright to all content provided by our users, and can redistribute, republish or reproduce it at our discretion
- we are god and can (and will) do anything we like with your account. We can ban you, remove your account,...

I believe in the freedom of speech, even if it voices opinions that oppose my views and beliefs. I dislike censoring, even if it means I am bound to run into things I may not agree with sooner or later. I can make my own decisions and choices - I ask from the world they respect those choices. I don't need you to accept them, or agree with them.

All of the above reasons are just a little part of why I've always ran my own (rented) server, where I do what I want and what I like (within legal boundaries, obviously, but that's matter for another discussion some day). I decided to provide someone I like very much with the same opportunities. No more rules, no more whining. All the power to the individual. You'll hear about it elsewhere when the time is right to know.


And that particular one is very grateful for what you did, do and are about to do.

Happy birthday, pall!

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