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I've met my (new) neighbors a couple of minutes ago, and to be honest, everything about the woman - it's a couple - rubs me the wrong way. As I TP'ed onto my land and I was waiting for it to rezz, I noticed some sort of an explosion in the back. I flew up and decided to check it out. My new neighbors had put up a dance floor and some sort of particle machine. It looked like an explosion from far away.

Anyway, we started talking and everything was fine and dandy till I brought up the fact that I was looking to purchase a 2048m lot that is right next to their and my land. She replied they had also contacted the owner of the land, because they want to make their lot a nice rectangular shape. Mine is a triangle with a missing part. So, being the good neighbor I am, I suggested we both buy a part of the land as needed and everyone would be happy. She agreed and set they didn't want all of it anyway, just a fourth of it, then kept on going how we would be such good neighbors. While this conversation was happening, I had flown up into the sky to check out the shape and size of our land and the adjacent lot.

As I was doing some maintenance on one of the groups, I get another IM asking me if I'm fine. Sure I reply, just doing some maintenance etc, so that's why I'm still in mid air. After all, this is Second Life, so you can hang, fly or be anywhere you like. Then she casually asks - or would demand be a better choice of words here? - if I'm gonna keep it "clean"?

I reply : clean as in "no sex", or as in "no camping"? Her reply was "no sex". Well, all of you that know me in RL, know that I don't like to be told what I can and can't do. Especially if there is no grounds whatsoever to force your opinion onto someone else. I had already taken down the adult room yesterday and wasn't planning on rebuilding it, so I honestly tell her that I'm focusing on the casino instead. She replies that's she's happy because she picked this area because it was clean and this and that. Mind you, we're talking about a game for adults, and a region marked as Mature. To make a long story short(er), I have no problem complying to her demands as I wasn't planning on doing it anyway. Still, it doesn't sit well with me. Alas, let us she where it will all go in the future.

Then I suddenly get more messages in my channel from her. Apparently she's typing in the wrong channel - or was it on purpose? - and the messages intended for her boyfriend/man end up with me. Allow me to give some examples "Did you see how he was staring at us?", "He was hanging in mid air all the time, looking at us!", "oh, good, he's gone now".

Some facts :

- yes, I was in mid air but facing away from them, doing group maintenance, checking plot sizes and shapes and maintaining a conversation with her at the same time. All of that at an altitude that - if I had turned around - they'd be little more than puppets on a dance floor.
- I wasn't staring at anyone, nor would I have any reason to do so. If I wanted to see people, I'd hop into whatever disco or club closest by, and it would be full of people, probably with much less clothes on as they had.
- In game I'm a woman. Why they refer to me as "he" is beyond my understanding, unless the "no sex" paranoia is so bad they can't even tell the external sexual organs on a male and a female apart.

The IM's continued and I reacted to them : "I'm not staring at you now, I wasn't earlier. I was doing three things at the same time (women multi task, remember?) and am lagging as hell, so there is little chance I can move any time soon".

They replied that they were not used to the "attention". Lol... Why would they even be remotely interesting to me? They're fictional avatars in a fictional world. Yet they manage to get on my bad side in less than 15 minutes, which is quite a record in itself. Neighbors, gotta love them :)

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