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First things first : thank you all for the birthday wishes! They are much appreciated, whether they arrived by phone, mail, pigeon, snail mail or direct mental connection, I loved them.

Yesterday was spent at J.&M.'s place having a very nice meal - M. is a superb cook - and just enjoying the company. I had tons of fun with everyone present and it was good to all come together again. Thanks.

Today I slept in as preparation to working night shifts tomorrow, and I was thinking about going to the movies later but I can't seem to find any cinema playing Our Daily Bread, which doesn't surprise me in the least. An Inconvenient Truth was about as alternative as these mega corporations are willing to go I guess. No problem, I'm sure I can pick up a copy of it on DVD somewhere.

The rest of the movies showing don't really spark my interest to be honest. Unless someone has a recommendation, a movie I just have to see according to you? Then please let me know before 20h30 and I may go and watch it.

As I was browsing my one of my favorite sources for DVD and CD's a couple of minutes ago, I decided to order The Green Wing Series 1 & 2, and the jPod novel by Douglas Coupland.

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