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Over the past year(s) I've added a ton of extra tools to this blog that allow people to find me more easily, and get their daily fix in any way they want. You can simply surf to one of the (many) domains pointing to this site, or you can use the various feeds (RSS and Atom) but you can also have the entries mailed to your inbox every day.

Yes, I like to make life as easy as possible, especially as I sometimes tend to get a little technical and/or carried away by my chosen topic.

A new service has appeared on the horizon and it seems to be a winner. Enter email marketing using Zookoda. Their free service will allow me to send out daily, weekly or even monthly updates, easily publish newsletters and create full reports about the fine details.

Imagine not being able to surf the web at work - yeah yeah, I know... you're supposed to work at work, but we all have our little sins, don't we? - but you do have access to email? Problem solved! You can get a free daily update on what tickled my cherry that day, or what ticked me off that week.

The Zookoda service is based on the RSS feeds I already publish, and their service refreshes every 3 hours, which means - in non technical terms - that you'll always know what's going on!

Does this seem interesting to you? Would you like to have this service made available on You know what? I'll register for their free service and let it decide for itself. I'm sure you as well as I will benefit from this new option: you get easy updates and reminders that I'm still alive, and I get to know who reads my rants and opinionated posts... As far as I'm concerned, Zookoda is a win-win service!

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