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My day so far has been pretty uneventful, in fact waking up this morning probably was the most exciting thing that happened. Oh, apart from that very sexy medical assistant at work that I saw. Haven't seen her before - but then again I rarely am around the medical quarters - but she was definitely sexy in her tight jeans and fitting top. The whispering was due to a loss of voice, not because she thought yelling in my ear would be over the top.

The title refers to my score at some IQ test I just took, and while I feel I didn't do too bad, I'm sure I could have done better as I missed the instructions for the paper folding questions, and I had no clue what way to unfold to match patterns. The only really hard questions were the north-east-south-west driving ones. On those I both tried guessing as well as calculation, but the latter proved futile in the short time limit. I either got lucky on some, or I really did well on all the rest of the test. The language section was a piece of cake if you ask me.

Off to have something to eat, tomorrow I plan on cleaning the windows of my car and applying Rain X to them, so I'll be all set for the thunderstorms and pouring rain that is predicted for next week. In combination with the Bosch Aerotwin wipers that I'll fit to the car in the weeks to come, it'll have superb dealing-with-bad-weather capabilities. Further down the list are more expensive mods/alterations such as new alloys (with wider tires, probably 175 on the front and 195 at the back) and an X-gauge.

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