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Eyes wide shut

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Wow... today was rather easy and slow at work, but due to a lack of sleep I had to fight several times to not drift off into a short nap. The drive home was a pain in the ass - as expected - and it took three times longer than normal to cover the same distance. I parked the car, took a quick pee, browsed through my snail mail and went off shopping for food. On my way to the supermarket I stopped at the bank to make some payments. Got back home, filled the fridge, played around a bit with Tai on the terrace and gave him a comb getting rid off more hair, yet still he manages to shed like crazy.

I'm watching the news right now, will be making dinner soon and then I'm off to bed. I'll sleep so well :)


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I didn't realize till a couple of seconds ago that I'm scheduled to work tomorrow/today, well Friday. This leaves me with erm... 5 hours of sleep, tops?

Off to bed peeps!

I will be busy today

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I seem to have my tasks cut out for me today. I just got woken up by the mailman delivering a parcel sent to me from Australia, containing a secondhand Grundig 6 Disc CD Player for my smart fortwo that I acquired for just over €52 (including shipping, handling,...). I guess that means I have to install - or at least test it - today.

I've also got to do a quick web page sample for a colleague and I promised B&H that I'd be over today before they leave on holiday tomorrow morning. Early afternoon I'm expected to meet G. online for some Second Life, and I somewhere in between all that I have to slightly adjust the door in Tai's litter box because I think it may snap sometimes blocking his access. Either that or he's just being lazy.

I intended to sleep till 9h30 but that plan was shot down when the mail man rang the doorbell, so I just hope that the fact that I was up in bed reading till 4AM doesn't catch up with me too soon. I'm looking at starting early shifts on saturday, so getting up early and going to bed early seems like a good plan anyway. I may add more details or a progress update as the day goes by.

Update 1 : Tai's litter box has been fixed, and cleaned. The CD changer has been tested and is almost installed. I just need to get some cable wraps (which I have) to tie everything down neatly and some velcro (which I'll be getting shortly) to secure the unit without making it unmovable should there be a need to do so in the future.

I've started working on the web page as well, but man... are my XHTML skills rusty or what?! It took me a good 30 minutes to get a table looking the way I wanted coz I kept on going back to the reference guide for formats and attributes. I do recall the days I wrote HTML and XHTML as if it were my second language but those are long gone. I'll get used to it again soon though and as with everything, laying the framework is the hardest thing to do. Once that's in, I can build/add/change as I like.

Oh my... neighbors

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I've met my (new) neighbors a couple of minutes ago, and to be honest, everything about the woman - it's a couple - rubs me the wrong way. As I TP'ed onto my land and I was waiting for it to rezz, I noticed some sort of an explosion in the back. I flew up and decided to check it out. My new neighbors had put up a dance floor and some sort of particle machine. It looked like an explosion from far away.

Anyway, we started talking and everything was fine and dandy till I brought up the fact that I was looking to purchase a 2048m lot that is right next to their and my land. She replied they had also contacted the owner of the land, because they want to make their lot a nice rectangular shape. Mine is a triangle with a missing part. So, being the good neighbor I am, I suggested we both buy a part of the land as needed and everyone would be happy. She agreed and set they didn't want all of it anyway, just a fourth of it, then kept on going how we would be such good neighbors. While this conversation was happening, I had flown up into the sky to check out the shape and size of our land and the adjacent lot.

As I was doing some maintenance on one of the groups, I get another IM asking me if I'm fine. Sure I reply, just doing some maintenance etc, so that's why I'm still in mid air. After all, this is Second Life, so you can hang, fly or be anywhere you like. Then she casually asks - or would demand be a better choice of words here? - if I'm gonna keep it "clean"?

I reply : clean as in "no sex", or as in "no camping"? Her reply was "no sex". Well, all of you that know me in RL, know that I don't like to be told what I can and can't do. Especially if there is no grounds whatsoever to force your opinion onto someone else. I had already taken down the adult room yesterday and wasn't planning on rebuilding it, so I honestly tell her that I'm focusing on the casino instead. She replies that's she's happy because she picked this area because it was clean and this and that. Mind you, we're talking about a game for adults, and a region marked as Mature. To make a long story short(er), I have no problem complying to her demands as I wasn't planning on doing it anyway. Still, it doesn't sit well with me. Alas, let us she where it will all go in the future.

Then I suddenly get more messages in my channel from her. Apparently she's typing in the wrong channel - or was it on purpose? - and the messages intended for her boyfriend/man end up with me. Allow me to give some examples "Did you see how he was staring at us?", "He was hanging in mid air all the time, looking at us!", "oh, good, he's gone now".

Some facts :

- yes, I was in mid air but facing away from them, doing group maintenance, checking plot sizes and shapes and maintaining a conversation with her at the same time. All of that at an altitude that - if I had turned around - they'd be little more than puppets on a dance floor.
- I wasn't staring at anyone, nor would I have any reason to do so. If I wanted to see people, I'd hop into whatever disco or club closest by, and it would be full of people, probably with much less clothes on as they had.
- In game I'm a woman. Why they refer to me as "he" is beyond my understanding, unless the "no sex" paranoia is so bad they can't even tell the external sexual organs on a male and a female apart.

The IM's continued and I reacted to them : "I'm not staring at you now, I wasn't earlier. I was doing three things at the same time (women multi task, remember?) and am lagging as hell, so there is little chance I can move any time soon".

They replied that they were not used to the "attention". Lol... Why would they even be remotely interesting to me? They're fictional avatars in a fictional world. Yet they manage to get on my bad side in less than 15 minutes, which is quite a record in itself. Neighbors, gotta love them :)


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Yes, I'm still alive! I know I've not been blogging much lately, but I've been too busy doing other things. Not that I'm neglecting any of you here, at least not on purpose. Let's give you a quick overview of the last couple of days :

Thursday late afternoon (18h00) : wake up.
Thursday Night : Work Night shift.
Friday : Get home, refuse to go to bed. Stay away all night
Saturday around 7AM : go to bed. 37 hours was enough.
Saturday 14h00 : wake up again, attempt to get back into regular sleeping schedule.

Thats about it people. Oh, club FK no longer exists in Second Life. I've just finished removing all objects (DJ gear etc) because every time the people that said they'd show never did, or they showed late. It was no longer fun for me and getting a headache and stress from a game is just not worth it. DJ's walking in 20 minutes past the time they should be up, not showing at all, or showing up an hour late (yesterday) and then run into technical problems so the set is shortened to barely 30 minutes, I've had it. From this day forward, I'll deal with machines and expand my casino/entertainment branch. The new Zyngo games are tons of fun, by the way :)

More photo goodness

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Jerome's new website is up : chapter9photography


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Got a security update yesterday, and version is available. A passive port FTP scan vulnerability (Mozilla Foundation Security Advisory 2007-11) was fixed, as well as some web compatibility issues. Updating should be automatic, though it may be faster if you tell it to check for updates using the Check for Updates function in the Help menu.

Holy fuck!

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It's snowing! Talk about messed up seasons... I'm off to bed :)


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First things first : thank you all for the birthday wishes! They are much appreciated, whether they arrived by phone, mail, pigeon, snail mail or direct mental connection, I loved them.

Yesterday was spent at J.&M.'s place having a very nice meal - M. is a superb cook - and just enjoying the company. I had tons of fun with everyone present and it was good to all come together again. Thanks.

Today I slept in as preparation to working night shifts tomorrow, and I was thinking about going to the movies later but I can't seem to find any cinema playing Our Daily Bread, which doesn't surprise me in the least. An Inconvenient Truth was about as alternative as these mega corporations are willing to go I guess. No problem, I'm sure I can pick up a copy of it on DVD somewhere.

The rest of the movies showing don't really spark my interest to be honest. Unless someone has a recommendation, a movie I just have to see according to you? Then please let me know before 20h30 and I may go and watch it.

As I was browsing my one of my favorite sources for DVD and CD's a couple of minutes ago, I decided to order The Green Wing Series 1 & 2, and the jPod novel by Douglas Coupland.


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My day so far has been pretty uneventful, in fact waking up this morning probably was the most exciting thing that happened. Oh, apart from that very sexy medical assistant at work that I saw. Haven't seen her before - but then again I rarely am around the medical quarters - but she was definitely sexy in her tight jeans and fitting top. The whispering was due to a loss of voice, not because she thought yelling in my ear would be over the top.

The title refers to my score at some IQ test I just took, and while I feel I didn't do too bad, I'm sure I could have done better as I missed the instructions for the paper folding questions, and I had no clue what way to unfold to match patterns. The only really hard questions were the north-east-south-west driving ones. On those I both tried guessing as well as calculation, but the latter proved futile in the short time limit. I either got lucky on some, or I really did well on all the rest of the test. The language section was a piece of cake if you ask me.

Off to have something to eat, tomorrow I plan on cleaning the windows of my car and applying Rain X to them, so I'll be all set for the thunderstorms and pouring rain that is predicted for next week. In combination with the Bosch Aerotwin wipers that I'll fit to the car in the weeks to come, it'll have superb dealing-with-bad-weather capabilities. Further down the list are more expensive mods/alterations such as new alloys (with wider tires, probably 175 on the front and 195 at the back) and an X-gauge.

Take that


I don't like people being told what to do, how to behave or in generally be restrained. Sure enough, if you use the service(s) or servers of a third party provider, you are bound to play by their rules. I don't like rules, especially not if they are like this :

- we hold the copyright to all content provided by our users, and can redistribute, republish or reproduce it at our discretion
- we are god and can (and will) do anything we like with your account. We can ban you, remove your account,...

I believe in the freedom of speech, even if it voices opinions that oppose my views and beliefs. I dislike censoring, even if it means I am bound to run into things I may not agree with sooner or later. I can make my own decisions and choices - I ask from the world they respect those choices. I don't need you to accept them, or agree with them.

All of the above reasons are just a little part of why I've always ran my own (rented) server, where I do what I want and what I like (within legal boundaries, obviously, but that's matter for another discussion some day). I decided to provide someone I like very much with the same opportunities. No more rules, no more whining. All the power to the individual. You'll hear about it elsewhere when the time is right to know.


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I noticed three different IP addresses searching this blog for the word "birthday". Quite a coincidence if you ask me, or maybe there is something else up? In case you wonder, in less than 24 hours, it'll be my birthday and I get to tell people I'm officially old. Well, one year older to be precise.

I hope this gives the anonymous searchers the answer(s) they were looking for.

Blog entries in your mailbox!

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Over the past year(s) I've added a ton of extra tools to this blog that allow people to find me more easily, and get their daily fix in any way they want. You can simply surf to one of the (many) domains pointing to this site, or you can use the various feeds (RSS and Atom) but you can also have the entries mailed to your inbox every day.

Yes, I like to make life as easy as possible, especially as I sometimes tend to get a little technical and/or carried away by my chosen topic.

A new service has appeared on the horizon and it seems to be a winner. Enter email marketing using Zookoda. Their free service will allow me to send out daily, weekly or even monthly updates, easily publish newsletters and create full reports about the fine details.

Imagine not being able to surf the web at work - yeah yeah, I know... you're supposed to work at work, but we all have our little sins, don't we? - but you do have access to email? Problem solved! You can get a free daily update on what tickled my cherry that day, or what ticked me off that week.

The Zookoda service is based on the RSS feeds I already publish, and their service refreshes every 3 hours, which means - in non technical terms - that you'll always know what's going on!

Does this seem interesting to you? Would you like to have this service made available on You know what? I'll register for their free service and let it decide for itself. I'm sure you as well as I will benefit from this new option: you get easy updates and reminders that I'm still alive, and I get to know who reads my rants and opinionated posts... As far as I'm concerned, Zookoda is a win-win service!

Sponsored by Zookoda


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This post was done using a brand new install of ubuntu linux on my laptop. A simple install and 139 patches later - also a breeze to download and install - I've moved myself to a new OS. Well, not permanently as I still run XP on this box as well, but I like this one quite a lot. I'll see how things progress over time. I need to get the wireless connection working, but that seems as simple as getting the correct WPA2 key installed.

I think I'll do that over the weekend. Before you all go thinking I did nothing but geek things today, I also got two loads of laundry done!

Fresh air, sun and...

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We had another fun "pintjesdag" last night, and it was a welcome change from the crap we've been dealing with over the weekend. The weather outside is too good to stay in today, so I'll be out on my terrace with Tai - who up to this point has been sleeping like a baby on the couch - to get some air, sun and sand. Well, not sand maybe.

I had planned to meet up with a colleague from work in SL, but he didn't show. He probably also thought it was too good out to stay in. Wise choise!

Update : Ok, sitting outside didn't last that long... out in the sun it was getting a little too hot for my liking, and my laptop screen proved next to impossiblle to read on when in the sunlight. So I've moved back inside but the large window is wide open so sun and air is abundantly flowing in. My laptop is currently running a disk check in preparation of a repartitioning, which in turn is preparation to install a dual boot system running XP (currently installed) and Ubuntu Linux. While the check is running - it's taking quite some time - I've made some behind-the-scenes changes to the blog, that should lessen the server load, making everyone more happy. If you suddenly notice something broken or not working as expected, please tell me about it.

I have only little experience with running linux - a couple of years ago I had a distro running on an old PC, but after two kernel compiles I promptly forgot the root password and either reclaimed to box after sitting there for a couple of months, or I took it apart for spares, I don't remember - but this seemed like a fun project to do on a single day off. Yes, I'm well aware that installing a new OS and getting acknowledged with it will take longer than 8 hours, but I just don't seem to learn. I've always been like this, and will always be...

Update 2 : Several hours later, the Ubuntu install (44% finished) is finally running. It was the old XP install that was giving me trouble. Every time I attempted to repartition the disk, it would exit claiming there were disk errors, no matter how many chkdsk commands I ran. After tossing Partition Commander in the bit bin and finding an old copy of Partition Magic, I freed up a nice 16GB of HD space where I'm now installing linux on.

More shit, other day

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Another stressful day at work, even though we are less "in the dark" as we were 2 days ago. The more time I spend there, the more I start wondering if some people actually know what they are doing... Which is, to say the least, very frustrating. I'll sleep like a baby tonight, because being frustrated and annoyed is very intensive and it wears you out rapidly.

Luckily I had a listening ear yesterday to whom I could vent, coz it was getting a little too much.

A Quickie

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I'm running like crazy trying to get as much done as possible, yet found a couple of minutes - nothing more than that though - to quickly jab down an entry here. I've been up since 8h36 and am leaving for work in less than 15 minutes. Work till 22h00 and then get back home after a - no doubt about it - stressful day. Repeat on saturday and sunday, though those are more regular 8 hours shifts.

Stay home monday, yes a full day, then early shifts till friday. 9 days of work and 1 full day off. Joy!

Something Fishy

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I got pretty pissed off at work today, partially due to a colleague - let's call him PJ - who still manages to fuck up even the most basic tasks, and partially due to a developing situation that we are kept in the dark about. I was not the only one who got quite furious over PJ's total lack of procedures, professionalism or understanding what the job entails, as when I walked in to take the shi(f)t over from my early colleague, he warned me immediately about PJ's recent stupidities. Unfortunately, neither of us has the authority to kick him PJ out for once and for all, and those who can do so either don't seem to care, or don't dare admit they've got a replacement that does fit the requirements.

The second issue, being kept in the dark, can be best described with an example : If you tell a doctor he's responsible for the well being of an ill patient - but at the same time refuse to tell him what illness the patient has - how well do you suspect the doctor will do? Do you think the patient will have a fair shot at survival? I'm one of the doctors in the dark, and it ticks me off in a major way.

I'm not looking forward to tomorrow, let alone the weekend. Unrelated, but since I'm on a rant, this can be added for good measure : If next month it turns out I got screwed over because of how my employer or the client chooses to plan things, they'll redefine their definition of "shit hitting the fan" quite rapidly.


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Eleven hours of uninterrupted sleep later, I feel human again. Unless I start moderating myself better, I can see this totally going the wrong way. I blame the world as a whole for so much things to do and experience and my human form for requiring to much rest.

Yeah, it's not me. It's everything else :)

Funniest spam mail subject today : "Big natural boobs 80s style hottie". I never realized there was an 80's style for breasts? Or is the hottie in 80's style, and not her breasts? Ah, well...

A one track mind?

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But I like the dedication and persistence of the person behind the IP address performing the search :

2 hours, 35 minutes ago - Search: query for ' sex'
2 hours, 35 minutes ago - Search: query for ' sex'
2 hours, 35 minutes ago - Search: query for ' sex'
2 hours, 35 minutes ago - Search: query for ' sex'
5 hours, 21 minutes ago - Search: query for ' PORNO'
5 hours, 21 minutes ago - Search: query for ' PORNO'

IP address xxx-ified to protect the "innocent" :)


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My dinner is in the oven and while I was preparing it - a nice macaroni and cheese dish - I squeezed a bunch of oranges and 2 lemons to make a refreshing and healthy drink for tonight during my night shift. I've got even more oranges and lemons to make another batch for tomorrow night.

One Tai, Two Tai, Three!

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Tai is being a whiny little kitty cat again because he has to stay inside even though the weather is absolutely wonderful outside. Mind you, he had been outside for over an hour - getting combed, petted, entertained - when he decided that the flowers pots on the outside of the railing were much more interesting to sit in than the safe ground of a solid balcony.

I had warned him several times that sitting on the garden table was fine, but that he should keep his paws of the railing itself. But no, he clearly doesn't recall the seriously messed up front paw he obtained after his last base jumping experience. I do remember the vets bill quite well, so his short expedition today got him grounded for the day.

Now he's acting all sad while at the same time chasing one of his toys around. I guess he doesn't get the fact that the two don't go well together - unless I've got a cat with multiple personality syndrome. Which wouldn't surprise me at all...

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