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I get home this morning, log on for a quick mail check and every POP connection times out. Surfing (http on port 80) works fine, just no mail arriving. Strange! Could be the mail server(s) of my ISP being down, but as I've got servers in use all over the globe, that would just be too bizarre.

Immediately I think about the patches installed yesterday, but notice nothing irregular about them. Checked the firewall settings - those weren't changed in any way - yet still no POP connections possible.

The I recalled the first rule in IT : if something doesn't work, reboot it.

I did. I promptly saw tens of mails rolling in of which most were spam. I think I've never been so happy to see spam in my mailbox ;)

Off to bed now. And don't let my small mail problem hold you back from patching your windows machines ASAP! It was after all probably not related to the patches released on Patching Tuesday

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