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You probably noticed that I had downscaled a little on the PayPerPost blog entries, but with their recent and constant high paying opportunities it is very hard to resist. Yes, I still get paid to blog, though let it be clear that is not my prime goal for maintaining this blog. I still blog in a regular way about that pleases me and what ticks me off, but the PPP posts are a welcome diversion and extra cash to spend.

Let's for instance take a look at their new system: First of all, they added some functionality that was long overdue so one can check how the PPP people (and advertisers) rank your blog. In earlier days that was a bit a vague and undisclosed system if you ask me. No longer, now it's in the open and clear to everyone where one stands. This also allows for segmentation between high traffic blogs (and bloggers) and lower ranked blogs.

Don't get me wrong, there is much to be made for all ranks, but the top of the chart bloggers can score $1000 deals for just one post! Sure these are exceptional but they do exist. And advertisers seem to be happy about the PPP system as well, as there are lots of return customers - I think the low 35% service fee has something to do with that as well :)

Remember : disclosure is required from all bloggers!

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