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Fools on TV


Question from a journalist : "Did you know the woman very well?"
Answer from random interviewee : "Oh yes, I knew her very well. I often saw her in the street. Her kids went to the same school as mine."

Excuse me, but seeing someone in the street doesn't fit the definition of "knowing someone very well" if you ask me. I wonder why some people don't realize they're making a fool of themselves, nor why the journalist doesn't realize that no story is better than a story that doesn't make any sense, or contains no facts at all.

I suppose I'm asking for too much...

Karma : accepting and giving

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You've seen the advertorials I've put up in the previous months, and you are probably wondering if this blog marketing actually pays off?

Well, it certainly does for me. I have been quite picky as to which opportunities I've accepted based on the subject as well as the remuneration offered for them, and the 15 opportunities taken made me a grant total of USD154 so far.

It may not seem a lot to you, but here's what a 150 dollars can do when donated to a Mexican nonprofit community health organization:

- a medical consult for 10 women, or
- a cervical and breast cancer prevention workshop for 90 participants, or
- purchase materials for 100 pregnancy tests.

If you want to spend the cash on yourself, you could get the 2GB iPod nano for $149 and still have some cash left to get some funky songs to put on it. Or why not use the extra money to take your loved one(s) out for a meal?

Sure those are just examples of what you can do with the money earned from blog marketing. I haven't bought myself an iPod though. Instead I've invested in other things:

Second Life - Donations to Centro Mujeres Mexico - Donations for the tor project - ...

I'm a strong believer in karma - most of you know that very well by now - and like to accept with one hand and give with the other. The payperpost people allow me to monetize my time and knowledge and give to causes I care for. Thanks!

Sponsored by PayPerPost

Hey, I am up here!


You know how everyone always says they read Playboy for the articles? That's a bunch of crap in my case. I just love looking at beautiful women and if the woman photographed catches my interest, I dig deeper. Same goes for the articles. But I'm straying from the path...

Through 2girls I found the website of Jordan Matter and more specifically his "uncovered" project. I clicked the link to look at breasts, but I stayed to read the stories. The view was pure bliss, the stories captivating. Look beyond, I tell you, and a whole new world will open...

Updates not always good

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Firefox was released, I recommend updating to it to fix some vulnerabilities. I don't recommend updating the addon forecastfox 0.9.5 though, as it contains a bug which results in settings not being saved. Very annoying!

I hope it's fixed soon, because I find it quite a handy addon...

Update : Fixed, version 9.5.1 was released a few hours ago. Use the update mechanism to get the fixed version.


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Another night that I didn't sleep, and when I finally head off to bed in the morning, I still have trouble falling asleep. I wonder where this all is leading? I need a serious energy boost, so I'm heading off to the store to grab myself a cart full of fruits and veggies.

Oh, last night I threw the first ever club FK try out in Second Life - the purpose was to see what needs changing, fine tuning and what still lacks - and it was a massive success if you ask me! I've got pictures somewhere, and may put them up later if I can find them. Poor brain, acting all wonky.

The only thing that went terribly wrong was a L$ 2000 sploder that distributed L$ 95 instead of 2K, and those who "won" didn't even get paid because the system wasn't able to process the transaction requests. Sure enough, I can't help it that the servers (owned and operated by Linden Lab, creators of SL) are not being able to keep up, but I felt so miserable.

There were a bunch of people that had shown up for the try out - much thanks to Bellagirl, the new club FK Hostess - eagerly anticipating the distribution of a considerable prize, and then it fails terribly. Good thing this happened during a try out/test run and not during opening night!

For the record : everyone who had paid into the sploder pot was fully refunded - I keep logs of everything that happens - so no one lost though they didn't win either. What had to be the apotheosis of the night became a nightmare reputation wise, even if I got nothing but positive feedback from everyone when I refunded them. Most even said that they were surprised by the efforts I went through to make sure everything was fair. I think it was only normal to do so, but apparently not everyone honors the same attitude...

The sploder is off till further investigation shows me what caused the problem, and how I can fix it.

What a night...


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Sorry for the messed up layout, I don't know how I missed it, or why the validation tools I use did. Fixed now!

Have to run, off the the garage for a regular checkup of the car, then I'm meeting with Joco for a couple of hours of relaxation. Mate, I'll call you later today to see where and when we meet, ok?

Update : I got so fed up with using an available but unstable open (and thus insecure) wireless connection today that I went over to my desk/office/server room, ripped out the hardware firewall that was acting up and rerouted a bunch of cat 5 cables into the wireless router. 45 seconds later I had internet connection restored to two desktop machines and the laptop is happily sending bits over the secure wireless connection it is supposed to use. I should have done this earlier, but didn't feel like fiddling with cables for a while. Yeah, sometimes I am extremely lazy, that I admit.

Recognize this?


It's Monday morning and I've been up since 6h30 and awake since five. Talk about a totally fucked up sleeping schedule! Last night my dad called me and woke me up... at 18h15. I had pulled an all nighter and finally went to bed around eleven planning to get back up around two and head over there to take a look at his computer problems.

I did go there and fixed the issues, but a tad bit later than planned. It was well past 7PM when I finally looked at the troubled machine, but by 11:30 it had undergone an upgrade to XP Professional SP2 (a legit copy!), had been fulled patches and checked and freed of spyware (there was little to be found, phew); had flash updated, Opera uninstalled, as well as some other programs no longer used.

The second machine I had nearby - actually one roll of the chair away - was given a new install of Java and all older versions got removed. Ancient flash installs got their head chopped off too and some minor tweaks were done.

All things considered a rather productive afternoon/evening and one less machine open to (easy) abuse by hackers, virus and malware authors or spammers.

Oh, I finally found an easy way to update Apple Quicktime to the secure version - even a new install from the Apple website still hands out the insecure version, boo Apple! - and I'll be providing the instructions here (assuming QT is installed in the default directory) :

1. open Windows Explorer
2. navigate to C:\Program Files\QuickTime and check the version of QuickTimePlayer.exe
3. if it is, all is well, lower versions are insecure and/or out of date
4. if it has a lower version number, navigate to C:\Program Files\Apple Software Update and run SoftwareUpdate.exe
5. Download and install the update to Apple Software Update
6. Download and install the Security Update 2007-001
7. Verify the version number of QuickTimePlayer.exe and see if it's
8. Done!

FK Entertainment in SL

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I've been working hard at building my own place in second life, and the time is about to come to officially open it to the public. To be honest, it's been open for a couple of days now, but there has not yet been an "official opening" with drinks, invitations and prizes.

I think that'll happen next Friday or Saturday (February 22nd or 23rd) unless I get some things completed early and move it all to tomorrow. One never knows!

If you are a SL user, you can find me through Search (Everyone is a winner! - FK Entertainment) in the Ezquerra sim, or by simply following this SLurl.

In case you wonder what exactly I offer in SL right now, here's the notecard that people get when touching the LandMark tool at the entrance :


Welcome to the FK Entertainment Group outlet. We aim to please you because a happy customer is a return customer.

* Casino/Gambling :

We offer Ultra Low Stakes (L$ 2) to Ultra High Stakes (L$ 500) Devil May Care games for your pleasure, Horse Racing (L$ 10 - L$ 100) and a Raffle ball (L$ 50) with a L$ 500 pot.

A Sploder is available, and FK Entertainment offers you a chance to participate in the brand new gridwide RaffleTron sytem as well! More games and entertainment added on a regular base.

* Free L$ :

If you'd rather get free L$, make sure to stay in the vincity and try your luck with our Money Ball, or be the first one to sit down on our Prize Chair for extra free cash. A Money Tree is available in the center to the room, so make sure to check it out!

* FK Entertainment Group Adult Play Room :

If you'd rather spend some time with your loved one(s) in our Adult Play Room, check out the first floor. At a rate of just L$ 100 for half an hour you can't be disappointed. Use the teleporter on the right hand side of the entrance to go up to the Adult Play Room and use some (or all!) of the toys available :

- Heart shaped bed with poseballs and candles (Valentine Recommendation!)
- Playboy bed with poseballs
- Silver Play Rug with poseballs
- U-Shaped Cuddle Couch with poseballs for slow starters
- Deviant Bed with menu driven actions for your enjoyment
- Light bondage devices are also available

If you have any special requests, make sure to get in touch with ServMe Nakamura (owner) or any of the Staff (FK Entertainment CRW) so we can cater to your desires.

It is all so simple


As I write this, the world is slowly awakening, people are having breakfast and making a dash for the door, running to the car and try to beat the daily traffic jams. I'm doing none of that: I just got home from work - way before the madness strikes on the roads.

I should (or could) be heading off to bed, but I'll postpone that till nine or so, in order to be able to make a couple of phone calls and set up some appointments. Then I'll head off to bed and this afternoon I'll be less of a zombie and hopefully working some extra gigs.

I probably sound naive and old fashioned, but the fastest road to money is working for it :)

I don't believe in the "All work and no play makes ServMe a dull boy" statement. And the reason(s) I don't believe in it are quite simple :

- I like my work, thus don't consider it "work"
- The income I get from work pays for my play time.

PPP steps up to the challenge

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You probably noticed that I had downscaled a little on the PayPerPost blog entries, but with their recent and constant high paying opportunities it is very hard to resist. Yes, I still get paid to blog, though let it be clear that is not my prime goal for maintaining this blog. I still blog in a regular way about that pleases me and what ticks me off, but the PPP posts are a welcome diversion and extra cash to spend.

Let's for instance take a look at their new system: First of all, they added some functionality that was long overdue so one can check how the PPP people (and advertisers) rank your blog. In earlier days that was a bit a vague and undisclosed system if you ask me. No longer, now it's in the open and clear to everyone where one stands. This also allows for segmentation between high traffic blogs (and bloggers) and lower ranked blogs.

Don't get me wrong, there is much to be made for all ranks, but the top of the chart bloggers can score $1000 deals for just one post! Sure these are exceptional but they do exist. And advertisers seem to be happy about the PPP system as well, as there are lots of return customers - I think the low 35% service fee has something to do with that as well :)

Remember : disclosure is required from all bloggers!

PPP Disclosure Badge

Boing Boing

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February 14th, also known as "Valentine's Day", "Happy Humping Day" or "Leave me the hell alone and go die somewhere Day". Since I have no valentine, there is no humping to be done (that I know of) and I'm cheerful enough right now not to make it "Fuck off and die Day" I revert to something you may not have thought about yet : How to Green Your Sex Life?

Remember people : sex is fun, toys are fun, but phthalates are definitely not.


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I woke up about an hour ago and called the smart center to set a date for a first checkup on the car. It has run close to 32000 kilometers by now and needs to go in. It'll take about 1.5 hours but then should be all good again. (Not that it's not driving well right now, but don't they always drive just that little better after being checked?)

Completely off topic : I hate being ignored on my own grounds in Second Life. Some newbies are plain stupid.

Sometimes it just stinks

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I get home this morning, log on for a quick mail check and every POP connection times out. Surfing (http on port 80) works fine, just no mail arriving. Strange! Could be the mail server(s) of my ISP being down, but as I've got servers in use all over the globe, that would just be too bizarre.

Immediately I think about the patches installed yesterday, but notice nothing irregular about them. Checked the firewall settings - those weren't changed in any way - yet still no POP connections possible.

The I recalled the first rule in IT : if something doesn't work, reboot it.

I did. I promptly saw tens of mails rolling in of which most were spam. I think I've never been so happy to see spam in my mailbox ;)

Off to bed now. And don't let my small mail problem hold you back from patching your windows machines ASAP! It was after all probably not related to the patches released on Patching Tuesday


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This entry will probably end up as a collection of various topics, hence the name.

Just went shopping, nothing worthwhile happened during that bland experience. Check my mailbox and found 1 publication from the city council, my weekly Humo, a letter reminding me that I hadn't made a yearly donation yet - done now - and some promotional pamphlet for Record Bank.

I have a very clear sign on my mailbox stating that I don't want to receive such mailings yet they refuse to honor my wish. Makes one wonder how correct they are when it comes to financial transactions, doesn't it? Ah well... no time to waste fretting about it, just another company on my shit list.

Yes, call me stubborn or even foolish, but I do keep a mental list of companies I'll never deal with due to their arrogance or non-compliance. In fact if they come up with a really good deal or promotion, I'll request all information, make them work for it and then when all is about to be finalized, back out and tell them I can't do business with them. If they feel right abusing my valuable time, I can waste some of their resources as well. It's the only way to make them understand. Ok, enough about that now...

Time to update/patch your windows installations, people. Over 20MB worth of patches have been released today fixing vulnerabilities in windows XP, Office,...

Anything else? Nah, that'll be it for today.

XP to Vista

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If you have been considering "upgrading" your machine from XP to Vista, but find the price charged by MS a bit too steep, take a look at this article : How to install a Vista upgrade on any PC.

Life - Work

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Time to head off to work. I'd rather stay home as the weather is kind of nasty, but hey... the job needs to be done. I'm just wondering if I'm gonna take the time to shave before I leave, or finish this entry, pack up my things and run to the garage to get the car out. It'll probably be the latter :)

I've sent a text message to "Tasja" letting her know I had a really good time on Friday and that I'd like to see her again. Not a clue whether or not I'll get a reply, but that's something out of my hands, ain't it?

I noticed I use a lot of exclamation marks in blog entry titles, so I'm going to try to cut down on those. That's just something I felt like saying, lol.


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I have no idea how anyone comes up with crazy inventions such as this, but it works. Sometimes. After some practice. Or a lot of it. I don't see any daily use for this contraption, but suppose it fits nicely into the "water sports novelty exercise equipment" category, should it exist.


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I just got home from my date. On thursday I met this girl online, and today we met each other in her hometown. We had a long chat while drinking wine (she did, I didn't) and having tapas. Very enjoyable evening and she is almost a copy of me character wise as far as I can tell. Which is scary yet very interesting as it leaves me with the question : "would I date myself?".

She's even prettier in real life as she is on her profile photo. I hope see her again, but we'll see how she feels about that.

Oh, the title of this post refers to the number of hours I've almost been awake so far. It's really time to get some rest now!


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Apparently, there are also benefits to working in shifts. When I was already working a couple of hours, snow started falling from the sky and the land was turned into a slippery white yard of death for automobiles. Around noon, no less than 350 kilometers of traffic jams had formed around Brussels, and accidents were reported everywhere. On site, everyone pretty much stayed inside which made it quite a relaxed shift for us.

One truck couldn't make it up a hill - even after two crews had been working pretty much non stop to get the roads free of snow - but after a second attempt from a longer distance he made it. That also was about the most interesting fact of the day for now.

The white carpet has now transformed into a slushy goo, nice!

Going for the core

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So far I have not experienced any slowdowns but Hackers Attacked Key Net Traffic Computers on tuesday. More coverage at The Register : DDoSers bombard Military root server (and more) and at SecurityFocus : Attack seriously slows two root servers.

Remember people... you too play a role in making sure these core servers stay safe. If you keep your personal machine(s) up to date and clean, it is much harder for others to abuse your system in a large scale attack such as this one!


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It was a long day at work, and when I tried getting home I got stuck in a major traffic jam because some people deem it more important to look and see what's happening on the other side of the road than just drive along and keep traffic flowing. Fools, I tell you, fools!

Thus, after a 10 hour shift, I spent an extra 2 hours in the car trying to get home. I'm beat and heading off to bed soon. Tomorrow is a regular 8 hours shift, phew. I'm looking forward to a weekend off at the end of the week.

One down, lots to go

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I don't know if anyone recalls how I absolutely despite spammers, and do everything in my power to make their life as difficult as possible. Today I received a letter from the FPS Economy, SMEs, Self-employed and Energy, which is the department that handles spam complaints filed by Belgian inhabitants in regards to spam sent by Belgian companies.

It was a complaint filed back in the stone age (December 8th 2005 to be correct) and it took a follow up mail from me to actually get feedback on the status of the case, but now I have another confirmed victory on my name : Mary Porcelijn Select BVBA was inspected for compliance with article 22 of the the Act of 11 March 2003 on certain legal aspects of information society services (aka "electronic commerce act"),and received an official warning for violation article 7, paragraphs 1 and 14.

I wonder which spammer will test my perseverance next?

Links : unsolicited electronic mail - Spamming : 24 Questions and Answers (PDF)

Not interesting for Joe Average

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I fired up my copy of Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer and was promptly warned that a newer version (2.01) was available. I downloaded it (here) and removed the old version. However, the installation of the new version failed to complete as there was a problem registering serversecure.dll and xmldb.dll with error code "HRESULT - 2147221164". Nice... even a second attempt failed, so now I had the newest copy of the security analyzer, but couldn't get it installed.

Thanks to some searching I found that running the "regsvr32 c:\windows\system32\atl.dll" command fixed the corrupted information concerning the registration state of atl.dll, and fixed the registration problems with the two other dll's as well. Strange if you ask me, but hey... it works.

A memory like a sieve

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Yesterday I had some topics of which I immediately thought "this I have to comment on", but today, after a good nights sleep, I have no clue what they were. I suppose that puts it all in perspective and means they weren't that important after all?

Ow... I just recalled one topic : the "Lights out around the world for 5 minutes" movement that wanted to make a statement about energy consumption and light pollution. I turned off some lights at work from 19h55 till 20h00, and asked a colleague in another building to do the same. Unfortunately, 30 minutes later a thick fog was forming outside which made me turn on additional lighting on the site perimeters, thus totally invalidating whatever energy saving we had done before.

Apart from that, later in the evening I learned that turning off the lights for 5 minutes and turning them back on actually consumed more energy than just leaving them turned on. Net result : a higher energy consumption, but less light pollution. The overall idea was to awaken and inform people on the topics of energy use and light pollution so I suppose that actually worked, but maybe next time a middle ground should be found between informing and actually saving as well?

If I recall the other topics I wanted to tell you about, I'll be making updates to this post, or even write a new one - depending on how much I want to elaborate on them.


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I play several games online, bootleggers is one of them. It's an online text based game where one attempts to go from scum to Respectable Don, leading a mafia family. I'm ranked Godfather right now, and last night a player at Respectable Boss level (which is 1 level below GF) scammed me. 6 hours later he was in a coffin.

I don't play nice with scammers, frauds and dishonest people. Just so you know.

This is insane

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