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More updates on the smart-and-the-city contest : I've currently built up a nice lead and most of that is thanks to my Chief of Strategy, Hilda and her cohorts. They've been keeping busy and contacted people all over the globe and set their circles of influence to work.

The contest is about to end on January 11th, the tour to start on January 22nd, which is very soon. Both deadlines are important : the 11th means that if you've waited to cast your vote for me, now is the time to do so. The 22nd means I have to talk to some people today or tomorrow at the latest in order to see what is possible and what is not.

However, now I'm heading off to bed to catch up on some sleep - yesterday was quite a busy day with little sleep and as I'm working graveyard shifts, I need my sleep. It's not a beauty sleep, otherwise I wouldn't wake up till 2015 I suppose!

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I would not worry about time off from work yet.

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