I owe a huge thanks to everyone who has voted for me so far in the smart and the city contest - thanks to your hard work I've been catapulted right to the number 1 position as I write this.

Jerry in Smart and The City! This is way beyond my expectations and better than I ever could imagine. However... the contest ain't over yet and only closes on January 22nd. I'll be keeping an eye open on developments as they happen and please - ask your friends to vote for me - let's make this a gigantic avalanche of votes and the biggest adventure for me yet.

As a reminder, here is my profile : Driver Profile : Jerry


wow youre doing great, I voted and I can use an auto prog to vote more if you want, but seems you've got one going already :)

Thanks for the offer Mike, but I'm doing great indeed. No programs running here, just manual labor and lots of support from friends and family :)

ah hell, ik ging ook 's gaan late...sorry:(

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