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Instead of troubleshooting network problems, I've been rezzing in Second Life for a couple of hours. In fact, I sort of created my first object today : a small rotating box that has the FK logo (you know it from the stickers) on it on all sides and when people click it, it offers to bring them here. A small step for mankind, but a necessary step for the promotion of this blog ;)

I say "sort of created" because I grabbed an object from someone else, and then modified it to suit my needs. Hey, it's the first step I take into SLS, so bear with me, will you?

Anyway, I doubt many of the 2 million SL residents will notice my boxes - I kept them small and as little intrusive as possible using a very slow rotation angle - but if any of you SL'ers end up here and read this : Hi!

1 Comment

Er is ook een Belgisch Second Life forum:

Als je volk wil komen laten zien naar je creatie, post misschien een SL-url in de categorief "bouwen en scripten" ...

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