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It was still quite calm at work yesterday, but I managed to climb up and down a set of stairs 12 times. 4 of these climbs turned out to be unneeded.

Yesterday I learned that after I did some updating and patching of E.'s computer on Monday, her MS Word program disappeared, as well as her documents. Troubleshooting a machine you don't really know so well over a Skype hat was challenging but I quickly pinpointed the root of the problem : a fubar'ed path setting. I had her changed the path and after a reboot things appeared to run better, though the documents are still missing. It's quite possible they were never on the machine in the first place. M. will take a closer look at it when he's over.

I really got to leave for work now, early shift and I still have to shave and get dressed. More updates possibly later today...

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