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A recent conversation with an online "friend" - I don't know if that's the correct word to describe the relationship between the two of us, but I think it kind of fits the bill - about her recent breast enlargement brought up some interesting topics. Breasts are always an interesting topic, that I admit, but I think there was no focusing on the actual boobs, but rather the question "why", "why not", the procedure, adapting to them and how other people reacted to her announcing her intentions.

I'm not a fan of breast enlargements - I like them small(ish) - but the liberal in me cannot but accept and agree with whatever decision the owner takes. What also kind of surprised me is that a breast enlargement is by a majority of the people not seen as body modification, yet tattoos or piercings are. I suppose it all comes down to perception and acceptance and some things being more mainstream as others.

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some ppl do all they can just to get the attention of other ppl!

i think, breast enlargments should ONLY be done if you loose abreast due to cancer... not just for feeling better or get attention of the other sex!!

anyway, not my problem, not my kinda stuff!!!

Why shouldn't people be allowed to feel better? If they can change their body and adapt it to their will, isn't that a positive instead of a negative?

In the specific case where I refer to I think her breasts were fine, they fit her frame and look good. But then again, does my opinion matter? It's her body, her life and her boobs. So what others think of it shouldn't be of any importance.

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