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While happily browsing away today, suddenly I ran into DNS trouble. I tried disabling the network connection, but that somehow failed. After a reboot, I still get no look up from the DNS. The firewall is up and running - logging in is no problem, I verified all settings even though they haven't changed a bit - and the DSL modem was rebooted. It synchronizes fine, so the physical connection is up as well. I'm stumped right now as what the problem is, but it is clearly not isolated to the first computer. None of the other machines can resolve names to IP's either.

So, off I hop onto a wireless connection of a neighbor, and I check the Skynet network status page : all is fine according to them. Not if you ask me, but I don't have the time to troubleshoot more now as I have to head off to work.

It better be fixed when I get back home.

Oh, Nadia : I received a reply from EDPnet, and they do support newsgroups and even the binaries. If you want, I'll forward the links to the documentation online to you once I'm fully connected again.

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