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I just ran into two Dutch girls in Sarah Nerd's Freebie Paradise building, and they were utterly unaware that they were chatting on a public channel, if their conversation is anything to go by.

annelies123 J. : "you can do so many naughty things here"
Angela B. : "I knew you'd wanna be naughty here"
annelies123 J. : "Was I that much an open book to you?"
Angela B. : "You go girl, no one knows and it all stays in SL"
Angela B. : "What does P. think about it?"
annelies123 J. : "He doesn't like the game and thinks SL sucks. And I'm behind the PC even more now"
Angela B. : "If only he knew ;)"
annelies123 J. : "What about M? Does he know what happens in here?"
Angela B. : "He hasn't got a clue"

Add at least one "hihihi", or "whahahahaha" at the end of every sentence and you get an idea about the level at which these two were having a conversation. At first I'd guess they were late teens, early twens, but then one said she had to pop out to do some laundry. How many teenagers do laundry on a friday morning? I guess they were just horny MILF's looking for some fun online - which is perfectly fine by me. Remember : in your fantasy (or in an online game), "you can be what you wanna be!"

ServMe Nakamura signing out.

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