I'll sleep when I'm dead...

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Instead of going to bed immediately after I got home yesterday morning, I logged into SL and found myself right in the middle of a bachelor party at Dark Angels Night Club. Needless to say, it was way past 8h30 when I finally hit the bed. Got up around three, went to pee and promptly fell back asleep till six. I managed to go back to bed before falling asleep again though :)

Just finished my last night shift for the month, and am working security at the Vampire party - now where did I leave those fangs? I'll have to head off to bed soonish...

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Hahaha ... I just took some SL vacation.
Dark Angels is a nice place. Normally I hang out at the Ravin Monkey.
If you want you can add me: Louis Calhern. Think I'll be on next weekend.


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