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Happy New Year, Merry Christmas, Have a hopping Easter, Drunk St-Patricks Day, ... No matter what special day(s) you happen to celebrate this year, consider this entry to be my appropriate best wishes for it.

Got home around one this afternoon, entertained Tai, watched some TV and will be heading off to bed soon. Early shi(f)t calls tomorrow and I'll be updating my schedule along the way - didn't make the time to get it online completely yet.

I've not made any real resolutions for the new year as I failed to accomplish every single one I didn't set for myself in 2006. This may change during the year, as we move along. I saw one dude give out some great advice though : make your resolutions for 2007 on December 31st, 2007. Then select things you did accomplish and feel damn good about yourself.

If you really insist on getting a resolution from me, here's one : "stay alive". In case I fail that, I probably can't be bothered by it anymore. Yeah, sounds like the perfect resolution for 2007!

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