Countering the Negative with Positive(s)

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Maybe fretting over the problems to be with my ADSL connection is pointless when one realizes that some people still don't get it : Bush Administration Plans to Bring Back Nuclear Testing.

Which reminds me that I still have to finish reading "The Bomb : A Life" by Gerard DeGroot that focuses on the race towards nuclear arms and their development, and the scientific as well as political evolution that lead to these weapons or were caused by them.

Then again, maybe not all is lost : Sunswift III: Fuelless Transport - Exhibit A. If that was too extreme or "not practical in everyday use" (to which I agree, but the development will trigger new applications), maybe Venturi Eclectic: Fuelless Transport - Exhibit B is more acceptable?

But, is everybody with it yet? Apple has toxic core: Greenpeace. Steve Jobbs reposted during the slideshow presentation of the new Apple iPhone : (the lobby group should) "get out of the computer business [and] go save some whales". I believe the ongoing GP campaigns towards Apple must be hurting, otherwise I can't think of any "good" reason to come up with a tasteless comment as the one Jobbs made above.

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