Too Early


I got up a couple of minutes past seven this morning, which is too early if you ask me. I'm forcing myself to have something to eat and I drank a few glasses of water as some doctor will probably ask me to piss in a cup in less than 2 hours. Yearly medical checkup by Mensura, which is in addition to the 6 month checkup I take at work. I've never been checked and tested so often in my life!

Anyway, got off work around ten last night, got home around eleven, went to bed a few minutes past midnight. Up at seven, medical from nine to ten, leave for late shift at quarter to one, work till eight, then work a shift including giving N. training on the job till nine at another site. Hopefully home by ten.

Tomorrow up early again, off to Hil to check her PC - diskfrag problems once again - then sauna at one on friday with Joco. On saturday it all starts over when I wake up at four to prepare for work, leave at five, start at 6.

This post was written while a hairy four legged creature tries to steal my attention :)

Note : the FK Challenge #4 seems to be quite intimidating - so far only Hilda has completed and sent in her answer!


Yes, it's a serious challenge!!! Can't we buy a little more time (till after this weekend, or so)? I'm far too busy with work and preparing a secret mission for my aunt who becomes 60 next friday (and as always it takes more time than I thought it would :-( ) I would be glad to continue the challenge, but I'm not able to do so before saturday, sorry !! ;-o

I never said when this challenge would close, only that you'd have 3 days at the least.

Oh 3 days at the least, I'd also understood we only had 3 days... phew, then I can still try and figure out the answers here

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