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It's been a while since I pointed out some security concerns, but today I'd like to take some time to do so. With the holidays and festivities coming up fast, loads of people will be out of the office the next week or two weeks. Security and systems administrators often fall back on a skeleton crew, or are only available on call. This situation is quite an opportunity for people with less than good intentions to access your system, don't you agree?

I should not have to ask you if you have already patched the recently announces vulnerabilities in Windows, because you should have done so by now. Patching and keeping your operating system up to date is one thing, what about all that other software that resides on it? Do you have the latest version of winamp, java sun, winzip, filezilla, outlook express, adobe flash player, adobe reader? The list goes on and on and is quite diverse as it depends on what's installed on your machine.

Here's my suggestion for the day :

Click on that button once you're done reading this post. It'll bring you to an online tool that'll check your machine for vulnerable versions. Click the "start" button and sit back. There is no need to select the "thorough system inspection" unless you are truly paranoid. It'll run for a couple of seconds/minutes and then give you a nice list :

Detection Statistics:
0 Applications Detected in Total
0 Insecure Versions Detected
0 Secure Versions Detected

At a first scan, I ended up with 11 total applications, 4 insecure and 7 secure. And - as you probably know by now - I'm quite security aware. I wonder what results you'll get. I've since resolved the issues presented and am now up to all secure (within limits of the scanner).

If you find insecure application versions, scroll down for pointers to new or patched applications. It sometimes will take some effort to get rid of old and insecure programs even if a newer version is installed. If that's the case, tell me next time we meet and I'll take a look at it. I for instance had some trouble getting Flash player 4, 7 and 9r16 off my system, even though I had installed 9r28.


Fantastic program! As assumed, I didn't manage to get rid of the old Macromedia Flash files. When the computer doctor got time, some day, I'd appreciate his help.

Glad you liked it Hilda, another computer saved!

I'll take a look at the flash problems soon - it's quite easy to fix. Just being curious, how many insecure applications did you have?

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