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Joco was feeling bored and when we met on Skype, we decided to head off to the sauna. I never got there because the car wouldn't start. After a quick call to Joco to say I probably wouldn't make it, it turned out the place was much too crowded anyway.

After several attempts to get the car started I gave up and called my first aid line : the dealer that sold me the car. After describing the symptoms they thought it was the battery that was dead. Beats me, but should be happening on a car less than 2 years old. Unless the battery doesn't get charged while the engine is running, but with recent cars there is no way to check. I can call back in tomorrow if needed, their chief technician will be in.

I then called my second aid line - for more practical problems : dad. And as usual, he came to the rescue. First we hooked up cables and surprise : the car started up right away. He brought his battery charger so I just took the battery out and it's charging as we speak. I wonder if I'll be driving my car in the morning? If I get it started, I'll head over to the smart center anyway so they can check out the battery and if it's dead, explain to me how that is possible.

While removing the battery, I discovered something else : glass. Underneath the carpet there are particles of glass, so I guess that the previous owner got his window broken. I'll ask about that as well ;)

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