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You know the adagio that is something looks too good to be true, it usually is?

I'm on leave from friday the 22nd till tuesday the 26th. Normally spoken I had to work tomorrow, but I found a colleague eager to take over my shift, and it resulted in a win-win situation : he had extra time, and I got rid of a crap shift, and would have 2 extra days off from work.

Today the assistant chief called me - while I was looking forward to being off for almost a full week! - and asked if I could come in on thursday. To work the same crap shift I just got rid off on wednesday. I'm not pleased at all, and even though I can flat out say no, I know where this'll probably end : me working on thursday.

I hate myself for feeling so damn responsible and willing all the time, especially because there will be nothing coming my way in a way of appreciation. Sure, I'll get a "thank you for covering this hole in the schedule" from my direct supervisors, but I'm getting tired of being a puppet on a string. We are short on personnel and things ain't improving. I have already covered a shift for someone this month, I don't intend to do that again and again.

I'm well aware that my supervisors are not to blame (completely) as they also just have to play the hand they got, but it's pissing me off. I'm seriously considering saying no and - insert idle hope here - make things difficult so they have to come up with a more permanent solution.

You can only jerk people around so long, at a certain point the string breaks or becomes quite inflexible.

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