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Jess has submitted her answers to the TV challenge, Nadia and Marianne are also still playing along even though everyone is terribly busy these days it seems. I went over to Hilda to take a look at her PC problem. It was mostly a disk space problem and most of it is taken care of. She only needs to get rid of a ton of old mail and everything should be fine.

As I started working on her machine, it turned out somehow the network printers were no long functioning, so - read this, dad - I deleted the old printers and standard TCP/IP ports and re-added them. The internal IP address of the network server is and remember the port numbers are 9100 and 9101. No, I don't know why they stopped working, I should be asking you, shouldn't I?

While fixing the printers and the disk problems, I performed routine maintenance as well : windows updates, new versions of Quicktime, Acrobat Reader, Sun Java... All of these programs had security advisories released over the past 2 months, so update time it was.

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And everything works fine now. Thanks, buddy!

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