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That's the least you could say about last nights x-mas festivities. When we arrived a couple of clochards were hanging around the carport and it then became clear that the theme was that of the homeless for this year. Every detail was there : the burning fires, warm gluhwine, cold temperatures.

When we moved inside later on - after a short incident with one of the four legged companions, which in the end turned out less serious as we feared at first - the details just continued. Appetizers were served in recycled tin cans, not a plate or glass on the table was the same and there were various brands of wines around. Very well done Hilda!

By this time the party of three that had left for a quickie to the graveyard - lol - was back and patched up and joined the "festivities". There were tons of gifts and once again the way to distribute these to the intended new owner was quite fun : we had to open up walnuts which contained a number and then head out to search for the corresponding gift.

It's a good thing that I've got a few more days off from work because I received wonderful gifts. As I'm writing out this entry, Missy Elliott's Respect M.E. is blasting through the speakers, and then there's the "The Cookbook" album - her newest - waiting my attention. A bunch of DVD's will result in me laughing for days : "Best of Smack the Pony", "Alex Agnew's Kaboom!", and if I want to color my life rose, I can pop in P!NK's European Tour DVD. Splendid!

After all that entertainment, I'll have to clean up the place and what's better than Sien & Maria's Schoon en Meedogenloos book for some tips?

If I have to head off back to work, the Laïs Documenta 3CD collection will certainly accompany me to bring peace and relaxation. And all this will be done while enjoying an original HIL painting for which I'll find a good spot. If you'd like to take a look at it before I have the chance to make some photographs of it, look here : Scheepjes for the original blog post by the artist containing a picture of the painting.

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