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Can anyone explain to me what is incomprehensible, offensive or inappropriate about this site? I decided to sponsor the Levenslijn actie by sending an SMS message to a special number, and in return my message would appear on the Boerentoren in Antwerp.

Great - or so I thought at first - way to help out and promote the site at the same time. So, I entered the message and sent it off. Notice the .be extension that I used, to make sure the "message" would be more localized and fitting to the audience.

The "screener" which according to the rules published on the site is an independent person, didn't approve my message. They gladly accepted my money though!

I can't help it but feel a little ripped off by this whole thing. Maybe I shouldn't have tried to get something out of it apart from just the knowledge that my text message/money could help others, but that's not how things like this work for me. I'm perfectly fine doing things for free for people I love and care about, but when it comes to multi million euro non profit organizations, I expect something in return. No more sponsoring Levenslijn for me, that's for sure.

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