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I'm currently wearing two t-shirts and a thick hoodie yet am still cold to the core. Yesterday - in my cleaning frenzy madness - I decided to not only wash the sheets, but also the puffy (dekbed). When I tried putting it in the machine, I quickly found out that it wouldn't fit, so creative as I am, I took the manual route and threw it in the bathtub and washed it myself. Hot water, washing powder and my own feet. After about 15 minutes of imagining I was squashing grapes to make wine I had to rinse and repeat. I ended up with a much cleaner puffy which was the idea after all.

While transporting it outside, I wet the complete apartment (yikes!) and thought I'd let it hang out to dry overnight. Being the one who rarely suffers from cold temperatures, I wouldn't really need it, as I had put up some clean flannel sheet and covers on my bed. Man, was I ever wrong. I woke up around five feeling quite cold, and I was already wearing a t-shirt. I usually sleep naked, summer, winter, that doesn't matter. I got out of bed, took a pee and closed the bedroom window. I grabbed a pair of socks and some shorts and headed back off to bed. No way I could sleep comfortably in these temperatures.

Sure, I could have closed the window and turned on the heating, but that would be too easy, wouldn't it? I never turn on the heating in the bedroom and I'm not about to start now.

To end a long story : if you wish to wash your puffy, do so during summer time. Or make sure your laundry machine can handle it. Or use a commercial laundromat as they tend to have larger machines. Don't do it on December 25th :)


You could have asked a spare one at your dads, Martyr!

Hahaha, been there, done that! Our washing machine couldn't handle our puffy either. It ended up on the drying rack for a few days!! Luckily we had a spare one (not so thick, but still better than nothing)

I'm impulsive, Hilda, you should know that. I didn't know upfront I'd be washing my puffy :)

Anyway, after 1 day of it drying outside, I could throw it in the dryer to get the rest of the water out. It's clean and dry now!

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