FK contest challenge number one


This is the first challenge in the FK contest launched on December 2nd 2006. Let's give a quick recap : answers are only accepted by e-mail to [email protected] One answer per person, multiple addresses not allowed. Cheating will result in disqualification.

10 women, in alphabetical order. It is your task to come up with my top 5 of sexiest ladies.

Andrea Croonenberghs (photo's) - Cameron Diaz (photo's) - Hilde De Baerdemaeker (photo's) - Jessica Biel (photo's) - Karina Lombard (photo's) - Mia Kirschner (photo's) - Peta Wilson (photo's) - P!nk (photo's) - Sarah Alexander (photo's) - Tanja Dexters (photo's)

Every name correct in the top 5 is worth 1 point, ranking them correctly guarantees another point per name. If you can get the complete top 5 ranked correctlu, you get 12 points (5+5 and 2 point bonus).

Update : this contest closes when a new one is posted. If you want to score, play now!


So far contest entries have come in from Joco&Eef, Marianne and Hilda. I'm hoping to see more people participate soon, as I'll close this first contest when a new one is posted.

Geez ServMeBean, couldn't you have put an ugly girl or 2 in that selection??? They're ALL hot!

I couldn't do that, Ash. No way I'm gonna make this easy ;)

I'm awaiting your answer by mail!



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