FK Contest Challenge #3

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We've dealt with women, pets, so what's up next? Why not cars? Each correct answer scores you one point. As always, answers only accepted on the FKcontest e-mail address and open till the new challenge is posted.

1. What car is my "dream car"?
2. In what color would I buy it?
3. What was the first car I ever purchased and owned myself?

As this goes up, the previous challenge is closed. Here are the results of the Belgian jury :

The answer was "Dog" person and pretty much everyone knew that. Some of the comments that went along with the answers :

Marianne wrote "So my answer is: you’re a doggy-type! I know you love animals (any of them), and I think the only reason you have a cat now is because it’s more convenient when living in an apartment. You love him none the less, no doubt about that at all! But a dog’s friendship is more your thing."

Ash answered "Ideally, I'd pick neither of those and say you're a ferret person. Since that wasn't an option, I'm going with dog person. And I'll qualify that further by stating that you're not a small dog person, you'd prefer a larger breed, 50 pounds or more in size."

Both of you ladies are totally spot on. I like dogs and especially large dogs. I have a cat right now - with whom I've got a love/hate relationship - because a dog in an apartment is not an option.

The current ranking is as follows :

Jess : 6
Nadia : 4
Hans : 4
Joco & Eef : 3 (answer after deadline)
Hilda : 3
Marianne : 2
Ash : 2
Olivier : 0 (no answer)

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