December 25th frenzy

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Most people are probably regaining conscience after yesterday's x-mas celebrations, but as I was partying on Saturday, I did that yesterday. Which leaves Monday December the 25th for other things to do, doesn't it?

Later today I'll head out to see if the car starts - if not, I'm certain the battery is as dead as a reindeer that crashed into an Airbus 320 - and I've commenced cleaning out the bedroom. Yesterday I was flipping through the Sien & Maria book and after the attic, they suggest starting off with the bedroom. As I live in an apartment, I don't have an attic so I moved right on.

I gave it a quick vacuuming - which they suggest doing after you're done dusting and cleaning, but I figured it would be a good idea to do it before. That way I can clean easily and when done, vacuum it once more. You see, I know myself when it comes to cleaning : I get easily distracted. Using my method, at least the vacuuming part is out of the way :)

Working my way through old clothes and piles of laundry as we speak, and throwing out a whole bunch of things I no longer need, or never use. If I keep this up, one room will be sparkling and new around five PM. Hey, it's a start, right? Once I'm through the laundry, I'll be cleaning the mistress mattress with a damp cloth (water and vinegar) and then iron it, flip it over and put fresh sheets on. I'll sleep like an angel (in disguise) tonight!

A quick look at the news :

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