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Today I went to the WSC to find out if that call from a Base representative was baloney or real. It was real and without any hassle I exchanged my ancient Coca Cola Sagem phone for a Siemens A62 cell phone. Pretty much a basic phone, but with color display etc. Things the prehistoric Sagem phone lacked. Pleased with myself, I decided to look further to see if I could find a nice new cell phone - after all I had spent quite some time looking online for reviews and ratings.

I was thinking about getting the Motorola SLVR 7L or the Motorola RAZR V3i. First shop I checked had the RAZR V3x - the EDGE version of the V3 - but that was priced at close to 300 euro, way more than what I expected or wanted to shell out for a new mobile phone. After the disaster with the Sony Ericsson V600 - great phone, but unfortunately broken - I set a hard limit at 200 euro. No way I'll ever spend more money at something that breaks within 2 years of usage.

I came across a Phone House and got an incredibly sleek and sexy RAZR V3i for 189 euro, and if I manage to get them to accept the old V600, I get 20 euro back. I should have exchanged the V600 for the A62, since Base didn't check the old phone, but I didn't know that in advance :(

Off to a quizz now - with the colleagues, the same ones I see 6 out of 7 days at work. I must like them fuckers ;)

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