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I got up before eight and have been working behind the scenes of this blog since. Several tiny alterations have been made, though most if not all will be unnoticeable to you. It ranges from adding alternative descriptions to the videos posted recently, to replacing deprecated html tags with their css counterparts. Nothing spectacular yet it should make the site more accessible to people with a handicap or using text readers.

It takes a little extra effort to get these things right, but there are several tools to make your life easier. Today I used the Readability Test to get a first impression, then Watchfire WebXACT was used to verify the page, and I also ran it against the Cynthia Says content accessibility validator.

I admit there's lots of work to be done - especially if I want to go from the current W3C WCAG P1 level that the pages gets now to a Priority 3. On the other hand... how many individual webmasters do you know that actually care about these things? At least I work to improve the accessibility of this blog.

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