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Maybe I'm not so out of the loop as I initially thought I was : Foute vertaling levert carnavalskraker op.

Before you wonder what this is all about : remember my post about Boten Anna by Basshunter? Today a national newspaper (Gazet Van Antwerpen/GVA) picked the story up, and they focus on the incorrect translation by the dutch Gebroeders Ko. It seems the dutch version is quickly becoming a hit at student/fraternity parties, so I guess I haven't lost it completely :)

Too bad the original geek version didn't make it, but then again... how can something for the masses still be geeky? I'll be promoting the original geeky version here :)


It's a pity indeed that the original song didn't make it. Heard an awful Dutch bastardization on the radio today. A Santaclaus-song!:-(((

I love the version from Basshunter!!!
But to be honest, I'm not surprised the Dutch made a version of it named "Ik heb een boot". I'm just not sure if it's truly a "wrong translation", but just a joke. Haven't you ever made reworked versions of songs just because they sounded so funny? (here I think of one I had together with my friends for a Backstreet Boys song. We'd sing "Ain't nothing but a milkshake" instead of the original "ain't nothing but a heartache"... the whole song just sounded so much funnier with our adaptations)

Anyway, I guess what I just want to point out is: let those Dutchies have their fun, and enjoy the version you like most (whether it's the original Swedish song or the reworked Dutch "carnavalslieke", or maybe even both?)!
You gotta admit that the way they reworked the original song, is pretty creative.

Nadia, I don't mind the Dutchies making their own version, I just found it quite typical. They manage to rip off anything remotely successful and give it a twist of their own. Too creative a bunch of cheeseheads, I say :) Power to them though!

I'm not surprised you like the original version better, you are a geek chick after all ;)

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