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Imagine my surprise when the mailman rang my bell and handed me a parcel shipped in the UK. Nothing too extraordinary there, I often purchase internationally, but this specific parcel contained one ITG Airfilter! <sarcasm>Only 32 days after placing the order, it is in my possession and ready to be installed. I'm very impressed with the service from SRU.</sarcasm>

Maybe they're a great shop to deal with personally and locally, but ordering from them online is a pain in the ass. Off to get the filter installed now, then off to P'bos to drop some tools off at dads place and I'll ask him to take a look at the failing CD reader in my car stereo. If we can't get it fixed, a new head unit will be installed in the future.

On a different note, when I stepped outside onto the balcony today, I expected sun and high temperatures for the time of year. Instead I was treated to a chilly wind and cold rain. The fact that I was half naked probably didn't help :)

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