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It seems as if I'm making up for the lack of updates lately. Just got back from the "Big City" where I purchased some Magnat Classic 213 speakers to install tomorrow. I was eying some JBL speakers initially, but they only had a 160mm version and that won't fit the bass bins I'm picking up tomorrow. The Magnats come with separate tweeters and a high frequency filter, so they should be what I need.

They were slightly more expensive than I initially set as my limit - the JBL's would have been 30% below the budget, but didn't come with separate tweeters - but if the outcome is what I want, that's a small extra to pay.

Before anyone starts thinking I went insane and joined the Johnny and Marina sect, I haven't. I'm just changing the car for the better and more to my liking. I drive it to and from work almost daily and spend quite some time in it. I want to make that time as relaxing and enjoyable as possible.

Hm... I'm having pizza later tonight!

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he , weer lang geleden, ik lees een nieuwe auto, proficiat. Hoe gaat het met de kleine tijger...liefs viv

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