Tai goes Ting, Car does Boom Boom


A smart fortwo is a small car, everyone knows that. Spending a couple of hours in it working on removing the dashboard and installing new speakers and bass bins is not recommendable. I feel as I've been hit by a truck, but 95% of the work is done, and I'm glad about it too.

Photo's of the work in progress can be found in the photo gallery. Sure enough it is difficult to show or photograph something that's hidden below the dashboard, but I hope some people will enjoy the various images made during disassembly and reassembly.

Tomorrow I'm having a (lunch)meeting with Joco, Eef and the kids, in a place called wokpaleis. I've taken a peek at their site and it looks promising. J&E have been there before and were full of enthusiasm.

I just chased Tai off the living room table. Has was playing a new game, called swat the living room lights so they swing around and hit each other and go "ting!". Very funny. One thing is certain : my cat is pretty creative :)


Criminey! The wokpaleis is expensive! Are all your buffet restaurants in that general price range? Our local Chinese food places are around $6.99 for all you can eat, or $2.99 per pound for takeout!

Expensive? Not at all if you ask me. It's not a regular take away chinese restaurant, meals are cooked right in front of you by chefs and all. The "show" element counts for something, doesn't it?

It's very much worth it's price.

I wouldn't be surprised to see that most foods are more expensive over here that they are in the USA, but then again, tips and service is included here and I think one adds at least 10% in the US, right?

I suggest you get over here Ash, and you can come taste the European life :)

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