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It's a couple of minutes past four - in the morning - and I'm about to head off to bed. While watching some addictive documentaries on Nation Geographic I've been running some tests on my network. I think there's quite some work left to be done in order to find and hopefully fix all possible attack vectors, if such a thing can be done at all.

I grabbed a copy of the Nessus scanner and ran some tests against some of the clients here, one being the print server. A first scan returned 11 warnings and 4 holes if recall correctly. A couple of configuration changes later, I cut the amount of warnings for the print server is cut back to 2 warnings and only 1 attack vector remains unpatched. There's little I can do about that though as this piece of hard and software is obsolete and no longer maintained nor supported. I'll set up filters on the network to prevent attacks.

Yeah, this was a pretty boring entry, I know :) Off to bed now!

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