My cat is a squirrel!

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Unlike some others (Kuifje for one), my daily life is far from exciting. It generally consists of work, sleep and various bits and pieces. Today I've got the following tasks on my list :

- buy blank CD's
- buy food
- do some laundry [In progress]
- verify validity of e-mail address (and rectify if needed) [Done]

While doing all this, Tai is chasing nuts, walnuts that is. When I was eating some walnuts a couple of weeks ago, a whole one fell onto the floor and Tai immediately set out to chase it around the place. Go figure, the floor is littered with cat toys, he rather chases a walnut. When I got my hands on some more walnuts, I did, as somehow my cat manages to play with them and then they mysteriously disappear. In the last three days 4 walnuts have gone awol, and I can't seem to find them. I'm sure he doesn't crack them open and then eats the contents, but even if he did, where do the shells go?

In the mean time, I've found his secret stash : hidden between two couches, I discovered 3 walnuts and one cat's toy. I let him keep the toy and 1 nut, which he is now chasing, resulting in chaos and a ton of noise. It's worth seeing him have fun though :)

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