More Cash, Less Ethics : ACE Bank


For those of you that don't know what this is all about, allow me to explain. A couple of weeks ago, a new "bank" appeared in Belgium, promoting itself as a subsidiary of a large financial group that wished to remain incognito for the time being. Ace Bank is transparent and goes for high profit margins, by investing in the defense sector, in corporations that heavily rely on low wage labor, ...

Customers were offered the choice to reap the profits of these investments, check out their website at

Watch the Ace Bank documentary here : Ace Bank Movie.

Note : Ace Bank doesn't exist. Or does it? Is your bank an Ace Bank without you realizing it? Ace Bank documentary and concept by Netwerk Vlaanderen.


is it possible to see this movie in french?
Fran├žois Guillement

I don't know, Fran├žois. If I recall correctly they only made a Flemish/French combined version, which I posted here.

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