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Apart from being a catchy track, this song by Basshunter is a song for geeks :

Boten Anna (Dutch subtitles)
Boten Anna (English subs)

Note : according to various sites, this track was a hit in Sweden and Finland a while ago. Why wasn't the track picked up here?

Note 2 : Of course the Dutchies had to make their own version (more chicks, more boat, less "bot, less "geek") : Anna heeft een Boot (2nd clip)

Oh, before I forget - how could I forget?! - if you like South America, race cars, a smart, tattooed and sexy girl, you shouldn't be hanging around here, but you'd be reading Mil0's blog : the adventures of a girl and her cars. And for those that somehow figure she looks familiar... Think Rachel Larratt, of BMEzine (amongst other projects she's successfully taken on). She participates in La Carrera Panamericana...

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