I just called my mate and his girlfriend E. answered the phone. There was quite some noise on the background, so she said to hold on for a second, as she got the two kids to stop playing with the chairs. She got back on the phone and our conversation continued : "I'll be able to come on over on the 17th, as I'm working an early shift. You can expect to see me show up around three."

It was quiet on the other side. She answered "I don't think I'm sure I can follow", to which I replied - assuming J. forgot to check with E. to have A.'s birthday party on the 17th - "well, for A's birthday, didn't you know?" The reply was kind of funny : "I'm not sure you've dialled the correct number, who were you trying to reach?"

"E." and this time I told her the complete name, to which she answered "oh, this is E. (totally other name)". I burst out in laughter and explained that the E. I was trying to call had the same first name (which is not so common a name) and they too have two kids. Kind of a funny situation if you think about it. Two people, very similar life, similar name and only a number or two off in the phone number.


Lovely coincidence. Made me chuckle.

So there's a second E out there ???
Damn, I've always been dreaming having 2 girls like her for myself ;)

Hehe... but then you'd end up with 4 four kids as well :)

Anyway, here's her phone number : 7490

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