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After having moved quite a lot of domain names through various registrars, the records got quite polluted. Due to constant abuse of my domains in spam runs - not that there is anything to abuse, but they used them as return address to catch the heat (joe jobbing) - I tried making some changes to one domain to see if it would get things back under my control. After making the changes last week, things didn't cool down.

When I checked some records today, it turned out the changes were still pending because the old name servers remained active! This left me with domains registered at Register B, while the domain were still reflecting the name servers of Register A. Not too healthy a situation, so I just spent some time checking all records and making changes as needed.

There is a slight possibility that you may see some domains disappear every now and then as the changes are propagated through the internet, but none of the changes made should interfere with - or .org, .net, .info, .eu, .tv and .be for that matter.

I've got yet to see a reply to my post about the comment problem that occurred last week - either people don't understand the problem, or they don't have a solution for it I suppose. Over time it'll become an open but cold case...

Off to the store now to see if I can get some good but affordable 13cm speakers to replace those currently in the car. This afternoon I'll call Smart Center Sint-Niklaas and order the bass bins. Installation on tuesday or wednesday depending on delivery time. (bass bins are ordered and this is what I'll be attempting : fortwo soundupgrade.

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